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Boy’s bday cake and a binge-watching weekend.

My boyfriend’s birthday was on Friday and we had his party on Saturday.  Since he’s a photographer, I wanted to make this camera cake for his party:  Mine’s a Canon Cake because my boy shoots with Canon, but same idea.

Well, my cake didn’t turn out quite as smooth and professional looking, and Max Black certainly isn’t quaking in her baker boots, but not a bad try for my first fondant 🙂


I baked the cake on Friday and let it set.  Cutting out the pieces, pasting it together and decorating took about 4 hours on Saturday.  A big part of it was the details.  It’s a sloppy cartoon camera, but you can tell it’s a camera and I put a ton of detail in because I figured it was the effort that counted 🙂  I put numbers on the lens, buttons and nobs where the real camera had them, and scratched a grid in the grip because it’s textured for better holding on my boy’s camera.

It got rave reviews at the party and my boy loved his surprise.  Most people peeled the fondant off and ate the cake inside because turns out fondant doesn’t really taste that great, but they loved the look and the cake inside was fantastic. (I really like the chocolate and rum flavoring recipe in the link.)

People came, hung out, ate dinner and sugar, drank wine, and cleared out fairly early.  (Because my bf’s older than me, most of his friends are older and left around the end of dinner time, instead of the party’s I was used to from law school, which didn’t even start till after dinner and went till at least 2 🙂

I had a glass of wine because I was feeling better and thought this cold was gone.  Either I’m getting really old and can’t handle one glass of wine, or I’m still sick, because I woke up exhausted and dizzy.  Whenever I stand, I have the balance of a drunken dock worker, only without the drinking.

Think I assumed I was all better a little too fast and pushed it too much yesterday so I’m just a bit tired, the dizzy has me a bit worried but I think a day of rest is all I need.  Perfect excuse to binge-watch Buffy in bed while I finish and edit short stories for the next round of submitting to magazines.

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