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Can You See Me Now?

My posts don’t seem to be showing up in the reader so I’m trying to post the announcement for my latest story again.  If you see this in your reader, can you tell me in the comments?  I’m not sure if I’m just not seeing them in my reader or if no one is.

Evie Shadow of Chaos

She’s the witch to go to when chaos comes to town…

When a crazy man opens fire at her hospital, Evie Jones jumps to the chance to save the day, and her ex visiting has nothing to do with her desire to play hero, of course. After taking the mad man down, Evie sees the impossible, a shadow thing leaving the man, and brushes it off as seeing things.

Until the impossible follows her home.

When the shadow traps them in the house, Evie has to work with her crush, her friend and her ex to figure out what the shadow is before it stops messing with them and starts killing.

And that’s before the one thing that could possibly make their night worse shows up.

Evie Jones and the Shadow of Chaos is new on Amazon!  Check it out.

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