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Coffee Prompt and WritersLife: The Beauty of Indie Flexibility


Okay, it’s no secret I’ve been busy, so here are your writing prompts for Coffee Prompt Monday (yes, I realize it’s Thursday so this is really freakin’ late 🙂

  1. Country music never sounded like this before,

  2. Playing hand games on the job, again?

  3. Late to work and the pirates are already there.

And the WritersLife Wednesday on the Beauty of the Indie Flexibility:

In trying to get my latest short story out, I ran into a little trouble with the cover.  You may have noticed I had put up a post saying cover reveal, and then it disappeared and the next post was a different cover and saying the new story was up.

So what happened?

Wellllll.  It starts with how I get my covers.  Most people get stock photos off royalty free sites and work with those.  I have a live in photographer so I get the pics from him.  Most of the models are people I know because I’ve met them in the studio and I’m even friends with some.

When you get pics as a professional, you have what we call a model release.  My guy’s is very basic and pretty much says you consent to us using the pics with your image for any kind of editorial, ads, photos on website.

So when we made the first Sphinx story, I had a very specific version of what Sandry looks like and a friend of ours who models fits it perfectly.  We made the cover and showed it to her, thinking she’d like the surprise.

Ugh, no.

She did not want to be associated with anything having to do with witchcraft and asked us to please use someone else.  Now, as a lawyer, I of course didn’t do anything wrong legally by not asking first and would’ve been fine to leave it as is.  As a friend, not so much.

So we got another model close enough to the physical type and redid the photo shoot the night of  the release.  We put it into the cover we’d already designed, tweaked it a bit, and put it out there.  And it didn’t turn out half bad.  See above 🙂

The only reason we were able to do this is because of the flexibility being an Indie brings you.  There’s no process, no committees, nothing.  There’s just me and my artist getting shit done and getting it done fast 🙂

Another beauty of it is jumping in on last minute deals with your friends.  I’m in on an indie author sale starting this weekend with some pretty big names in Sci Fi/Fantasy (yes, I’m freaking out).

Who, you may ask.  😀

That’ll be the next post.  I’m excited though.

Until then, happy writing.

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