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Conversations With A Self-Publishing Writer: 08/14/2015


Last week I started our conversation by comparing a couple concepts between Traditional Publishers and Self-Publishing Presses. One particular piece must be added before other things are shared. I’m referring to the author’s stress levels during any publishing process, and how people deal with people during this specific “life event.”  Yes, having one’s book published is definitely a “life event.”

If you’ve been writing for very long you’re aware of the birthing experience of placing words on a page—many pages—and reaching the point when you’re willing to let someone else read it—some-ONE. That is a big step with even steeper steps that follow that may include a critique/support group, then possibly an agent (or two) and finally the folks at the publishing house or self-publishing press. Each of these steps are milestones of accomplishment and there are no ways around them if you…

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