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So, we’ve made it.  The last day of Nanowrimo, where you’re either celebrating, writing furiously to meet the finish line, or scowling at your computer, specifically at your word count.  Well, if you’re in the western hemisphere, you’ve still got time to Nano your little heart out.  There’s roughly a fourth of a day left, depending on what time zone you’re in.

No matter where you are in your word count, if you have 100K or only 10K, the point of Nano is to get as many words you possibly can down in a month.  So, go get that word count up!

First, get off all things internet except your Nano-specific support group! (Okay fine, you can finish reading this first 😉

Second, cancel all plans that are not your writing.  Just do them tomorrow or next weekend.  Nope, no excuses!  The new Walking Dead is on tonight?  Tough.  Watch it tomorrow.  Unless someone’s sick or dying, deal with it later.  Writing is your priority until midnight.

Third, go someplace you associate with writing.  If you don’t get writing done at home because others are there to distract you (mostly I’m thinking kids here) then arrange for whatever you need to to make sure your responsibilities aren’t neglected (as in, get a babysitter or make sure the spouse is there with the kids), and go someplace.  Your bedroom with the door locked, one of your town’s write ins, even if there isn’t a write in, go to the place they’re usually held, your favorite coffee shop.  Just go someplace where your brain will automatically say, “Here, we write!”

Fourth, get into a word war.  Online or in person, competition pushes you to do your best.  In this case, best means fastest. So enter one and then another and then another.  Consider yourself in a word war until bedtime.

Fifth, Turn off whatever voice inside is saying you can’t do this, can’t type that fast, your story sucks, you’re not sure you want to say it that way.  Just shut it off.  You’re moving the story forward, the rest is irrelevant.

Sixth, Don’t be afraid to skip a part of the book to get to the interesting part.  If you’re not sure where it’s going or how it’s going to get there, but there’s a place up ahead you can’t wait to write because it’s going to be sooooo good to finally get to that scene, go to it now.  Fill in the blanks later.  Today is about writing the most you can in the time you have left.  And nothing makes you write faster than writing something that is actually fun.

Seventh, this step’s easy.  Write!

Happy Nanoing.  See you at the finish line!

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