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Lessons learned after two years in the market

Some thoughts on writing and marketing as an indie author from a good friend of mine Peter Grant, who is living the dream 😀

I’m going to try to set down a series of somewhat disjointed thoughts I’ve been having over the past couple of weeks as I review my progress since publishing Take The Star Road in May 2013, almost two years ago.  These are as much for my benefit, ‘getting all my ducks in a row’ as it were, as they are for readers.  My primary motivation in putting them into this article is to help other authors who are, like me, at the early stages of their independent publishing career, and those who have aspirations to do the same.  I figure if we’re willing to share information and ‘lessons learned’, that can only be beneficial to everyone.  Here goes!

1.  You’ve got to write your *** off to be successful.  As the great Robert A. Heinlein would put it, TANSTAAFL (“There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch”).  In…

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