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Reviews that have made me tear up.

evie jones

I’m just going to do a short post today because my lunch break is almost up and I haven’t even warmed my soup yet 🙂

There are some reviews that make you want to cry because they rip you apart, or worse, say something’s bad but don’t back it up so you and other readers don’t know what it is and brush it off as that’s just not his taste.

But there are some reviews that make you tear up for completely different reasons 🙂  I’ve had a few reviews that I love.  Some of these below had names on them and some were just Amazon Customer, but I’m not posting names here just in case anyone would take issue with that.

For the people who have taken the time to post reviews, especially thoughtful and lovely ones, thank you. 🙂

“This was fast, fun, sassy, and an enjoyable short, even though I’m not the target audience. Definitely would read more Evie Jones stories after this. Amie’s characters always feel three-dimensional, even within the fantastic adventures they find themselves in. She does this through natural, fast-paced dialogue and humorous inner-monologues. Although Evie is quite at home in a 16-page story, you get the feeling she could have a lot of fun in a full-length novel. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone who likes magical realism and is looking to kill a quarter of an hour on a rainy night.”

“Amie is a fresh voice in the Urban Fantasy genre. Her characters are fun, have attitude, and combine her own knowledge of Law with a little (or a lot) of practical magic, making both quite entertaining.”

“I strongly recommend this story. The plot is gripping, and the characters are well realized, full depth, and emotionally attractive. This was a joy to read.”

I have more but wanted to give the ones I thought were the best (meaning the ones I found the most touching 🙂  If you want to give my stuff a try, I recommend the anthology of the first four Evie Jones shorts because they are four for the price of two.

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