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Two Year Anniversary! – Two Years Ago, Where Did You Think You’d Be?


Wednesday was my blog’s second birthday and my how things have changed.  So this brings up a few questions: two years ago, where did you think you would be now?  Right now, where do you see yourself in two years?

One thing that always bugged me in job interviews is employers would ask that, and it bugged me because, ‘Helloooooo, I’m not psychic, I don’t know!’

But that’s not what they are asking.  They’re asking what your goals are.  Yes, I know most people get that, but I tend to take things literally so that was a very hard question for me because I thought they wanted the honest answer of where I truly thought I’d be and not the, I want to be in such a such a place.  By the way, the correct answer in a job interview is I want to be working my way up in your company. 🙂

So looking back two years ago, where did you think you’d be?  I wanted to be published, but I didn’t think it’d happen.  I certainly didn’t think I’d be in the job I am now, though I had no clue where I’d end up.  I was pretty sure I’d still be with my boyfriend because we’d been going pretty well for a year and a half already.

I didn’t even know Indie Publishing was a viable option.  I was barely dipping my toe into the publishing world, and ‘trying to get back into my writing.’  Besides that, I can’t really remember where I thought I’d be, so I’m writing my “I want to be such and such a place” down now, so I can look back and see if I reached my want to bes 🙂

In two years time, I want to be writing every day, to have figured out marketing a little better, to have at least three more books and a few shorts/novellas out, and to be making decent money as a writer.

Do I think I’ll get there in two years? No, but I tend to be pessimistic (am not, I’m a realist!) 🙂  I don’t think getting a handle on marketing is going to happen any time soon because I don’t even know where to start because my marketing consultant friend kind of dropped of the radar and right now I’m stumbling around in the dark.

Some people learn this way, it happens.  I’m hoping I do and that I do it without too many huge mistakes.  Well, I can dream 🙂  My issue is, I tend to make mistakes with my first go around at things.  I’m guessing everyone does and mine just seem bigger because they’re mine and I have to live with the repercussions instead of just hearing about them.

Anyway, where did you think you’d be two years ago and where do you think (want) to be in two years?

And just because I can’t help it, don’t forget to check out my first book (oh crap, why did I have to say that thing about me being great at first time fuck ups? 🙂

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