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When is an indie doing well?

As someone going indie, this was what I wanted to know. Before I was saying I’d pop the champagne when I made a sale. As an indie, when do you pop it? When you make as much as you would trad pub. Okay. For short stories sold to magazines that’s $0.06 per word for professional. And they’re usually exclusive for a year. So if you can make that much in each short’s first year, you can probably consider it a success. 🙂

I was going to write about the latest payout numbers from the Kindle Unlimited Program today — and I will get to it shortly — but a member of my critique group asked a question Sunday that had me sit back and think. Several weeks before, instead of our regular meeting, we held a mini-workshop. It was something we’d planned for more than a month. We hadn’t advertised it because I was building the workshop around the needs of our group members. During the course of the session, a newcomer came in. That was fine. We invited her to stay and tried to make her a part of the workshop.

Now, during the course of her time with us, she referred to the book she had just self-published and kept telling us it was “selling well”. No explanation. Nothing more than a repeat of the same mantra of it was…

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