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Writers Life Wednesday – List What You Love About Your Writing


I am seriously in the weeds today. Didn’t sleep well last night or the night before because my legs have been cramping despite me stretching a lot (definitely time to see a chiropractor), I’ve gotten a few story rejections the past week, and I really want to pick a fight with someone just so I can beat them with a tire iron (I don’t know where I’d get a tire iron, that’s not relevant 🙂

I need to perk up and I’m assuming I’m not the only one (we’re writers, we’re moody little bastards) so I’m issuing an assignment. This is for anyone who wants to do it, and myself, 5 things you like about your writing/process/plotting/(anything else under general writing abilities).

1. I tie bits of the law in, grounding my fantastical world in reality and giving it a more authentic flavor;

2. I have a clear personality and voice coming through in pretty much everything I write;

3. I can read my stuff next to others in the urban fantasy genre and not be embarrassed because I’ve learned enough of the craft to write a decent sentence;

4. My OCD nature and attention to detail help me catch most (if not all) of my own plot holes on the first read through;

5. I can have a dream, hear a song, or say something offhand and suddenly have an entire story unwinding in my mind without trying.

Your turn. Go 🙂

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