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Anyone Interested in Doing a Writing Course Here?

Hey guys, I have an idea for a new blog series on here.

I want to do a how to writing course.  Basically once a week, probably Sundays, I’ll post a lecture on part of writing, like focusing on an aspect of plotting, characters, setting, ect… and then give you an assignment for the week using what you learned there.

And putting this along with an overall “thesis assignment,” which would be to write a full novel using all these techniques over the “semester.”  So you’d also have to keep up a word count to keep you on track for finishing the book by the end of the 20 or so weeks.

Maybe set up a workshop part so people would critique each others’ wip books as they are being written and that way people would have an incentive to keep up with it.

Would anyone be interested in doing something like this?  I mean, I can just put up a blog series with lectures and assignments that people do as they want to do them and/or discover them, but I think it’d help people stay on track if we had more of a structure and the workshop part for people to do as they went, which would take some organizing.

If interested, leave a comment.

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