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Author Amie and the Attack of the Killer Allergens

It’s that time of year again.  The sun is shinning, the birds are singing, the mammals are screwing and spawning.  Ahhhh, spring.

And then we get to the fucking trees.  The trees are pollinating and all I can think of is that stupid meme about if this is trees having sex, then are allergies an STD?

I’ve been in hell for a good chunk of April for the past five years and it looks like the allergy shots haven’t started working enough to make this year any different.  My nose is itchy and runny, my skin is trying to crawl off my body and my eyes have started their annual burn-fest.

So why am I on here whining about this?  What’s the point? (Besides me getting it out because it makes me feel better?)

The point is, this all sucks, I’m doped up on so many allergy meds I’m surprised I’m still standing, let alone thinking (I am so! 😉 but I’m still at work.

I was whining to the kitteh and he suggested I go home.  Oh, no, I can’t do that, I said.  Why?  Because you don’t skip work unless you actually can’t work.  You go to work and you suck it up, it’s just what you do.

So why is it all of us who write use every little thing, sickness, bugaboo and hassle as an excuse not to write that day?

Oh yeah, you knew I was going somewhere with this 🙂

There’s a great article over at MGC today about this very topic – Treat it Like a Business.  And that’s what you should do.  You don’t go home because you’re all itchy and spend the day wiping your nose, so why do you do the writer equivalent when you can?

Because if you go home due to illness, you go through your boss.  You have someone to run it by and that check on you makes you reconsider if it’s worth it.  You’ll be using sick time or just not getting paid, and you’ll not be doing what you’re supposed to.

That’s the big difference.  The default is that you’re supposed to be at work during certain hours and you should be working.  With writing, it’s the opposite for most people.  You write when you feel like it, when you have time, because it’s a hobby.

Make it the default.  During such and such time, I write, unless (insert reason you’d not be at your day job when you’re supposed to be).  Make it the default.

And speaking of work, lunch breaks over, so back to work.  Because that’s the default 🙂  Happy writing.

And don’t forget to check out my new book, The Gods Defense.

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