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Celebrate the Small Accomplishments

I hit 30K words for July tonight AND I wrote 11K words this weekend!  11K words in about 50 hours, along with normal weekend chores and socializing.  I am impressed with myself.  I deserve a treat 🙂  Of course no cat would actually lower themselves to prepare food for a human, but the meme was cute 🙂

There are so many setbacks when you’re a writer.  You get told no with every submission.  Other writers tear and nitpick your work to pieces in critiques.  And beta readers don’t even finish the book most of the time.  Of course some of them finish the book and some of them even love it, but most of the time, your feedback is negative.  Because that’s more helpful and that’s what you ask for, you want to know what you need to fix.

So it’s very important to sit back and bask in your accomplishments every once in awhile.

So far this month I have finished two short stories in my Evie Jones series, and I’ve made headway on my second Laws of Magic book.  I’m proud of myself.

So, it’s time to celebrate.  What have you done this month that you’re are just so proud of?  Toot your own horn.  You have accomplishments as a writer, sing them 🙂  List them in the comments or on your own blog and link back.

Happy Writing.

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