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Coming Up With Urban Fantasy Cover Model Poses


Only edited pic so far, so it gets top billing. And I like it cuz I’m pretty 🙂

My boy, Oleg Volk, is a photographer, creative director and advertising and layout consultant, and has offered to help me with book cover design.  He’s done covers for friends of his. (I don’t mean cheap looking ones, I mean, he knows what he’s doing, he just doesn’t do it as a job, he only does it as a favor for friends because it’s not his passion, kind of like photographing weddings.  He’ll only put up with that shit as a favor for friends.  Bridezillas, ’nuff said.)

Where was I?  Oh yeah, so I have to do the research for my genre since he doesn’t read a lot of urban fantasy, and then I’ll tell him what to put where, but he has the computer programs and the know how to make the covers once he has direction.

A lot of urban fantasy covers have the main character, some in profile, or the back silhouette, or facing straight on, usually with a weapon and something magical going on in the background.  Maybe there’s swirls of magic, some kind of urban or forest setting, or a cemetery.

So we decided to have some fun, and get pictures of me in pretty dresses, and try out ideas for what we could do for the female pose and look on the cover.  If we use me, we’ll distort it so it doesn’t really look like me.  And we had a lot of fun.

All of the below are photos by Oleg Volk and they are the unedited versions.


Deciding to fight.


Coming back from a hit.


A drop of blood to power the spell.


How would you like your skin served to you?


By far the most dangerous weapon in my arsenal.


Drawing a magic circle.


Slicing through the walls of reality.

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