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Evidence For Alternate Realities Leaking Into Our Own!

Article here.

Okay, so this is one theory to explain one discrepancy, but still!  This could be huge!  The geek in me is jumping up and down, screaming how awesome this is.

If you follow my blog or read my books, you know I’m an alternate reality dork.  Every science geek has that one thing that makes us go all gooey and mine is alternate realities.  I have books about alternate realities leaking into others, refugees fleeing a dying world into a new Earth, and of course, my first series about reality exploring witches.

I’ve even tied my different series together by having the reality jumping witches show up in the other stories’ realities here or there, or screw up stuff in the other stories here or there 🙂

I’m not kidding, alternate realities and I go wayyyyyy back.

Now, as this article says, don’t start assembling a team of Sliders just yet, but this could be another piece of the puzzle to figure out if there are alternate realities and how to get there.

Now, if you don’t know what alternate realities are… well, you’d have to be living under the media equivalent of a rock because they’ve exploded in the last few years.

The first example I can think of that explored an alternate reality was It’s a Wonderful Life. Think about it, that was a reality where the character never existed.  Sliders is the first TV show I know of that explored this idea, and after that Stargate explored it in a few episodes.  But it wasn’t until the shows in the last few years that the concept seeped into “mainstream” TV.

Stuff like Buffy, Fringe, Deja Vu, Tru Calling, Grey’s Anatomy did an alternate reality episode, and now The Flash brings the concept to the average TV watcher every week.  Supernatural even did a meta episode where the angel yanks the guys into a reality where they’re actors in the TV show Supernatural!

The alternate reality is the new black.  It’s been one of the cool things in science for years, But just 5 years ago when I was trying to explain this concept to some friends, it wasn’t something they just understood.  They’d never heard of the theory, certainly never saw it playing out in a show since they “never got into the sci fi stuff” like Buffy.

And they didn’t make the connection between shows like It’s a Wonderful Life and the theory of alternate realities.

So, what are they?  Alternate realities are anything.  Any book you’ve read, TV show you’ve seen, idea you’ve had.  They exist somewhere.  The alternate reality makes room for the possibility of mushrooms ruling the world, space travel, even magic.

So when I say infinity, I really mean it.

As Sheldon Cooper would say, “Some would theorize in some realities I’m a clown made of candy.” 🙂

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