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First Week at the New Job

Sorry that my posts have had the timing off and haven’t been as numerous these last few days.  I just started a new job yesterday and had a very busy weekend, so my blogging got pushed a bit to the side.  Add to that the scramble to make up the words I need to finish my CampNano (still have about 13K to go in 4 days, one of which is my bday and I don’t want to work more than I have to then, so I’m probably not going to make it 🙂 and you have a very busy Amie.  So busy I am not even making it to Gen Con (can’t really take off for 3 days when you have only been there for 2.)

So, until I can get onto a decent schedule for blogging again, here’s a picture of some really cute cats 🙂

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