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I got the idea for this poem from the Nashville song, The Best Songs Come From Broken Hearts, and a couple of friends going through bad breakups and broken hearts.

I’m Going To Write About You:

I’m going to write about you Not for revenge or out some sense of need. Certainly not in the hopes of making you Beg for forgiveness on your knees. You aren’t the villain, just the thing in the way. What’s between the girl and her happy ending.

Yeah, I’m going to write about you Make you into a thing This idea I control and toss through rings.

Know this isn’t for the ultimate revenge While I’ll tell my truth about what happened You still aren’t the bad guy You aren’t my villain You’re a plot device, an obstacle, a lesson to be learned in the end.

You were never the one I just had to think that you were To have my heart broken And force me to look for the answers.

I put you down, mold you in a way So I can finally have the closure That you always denied me.

No this isn’t revenge If it were, you would die In the end of my book You’re merely the wrong guy

And you get your happy ending With the gold haired girl and son While my character is left To continue searching for the one.

But I am going to tell All that you did to me. I will sing my truth for all to see.

Not for right or for wrong Or any kind of morality. For peace, for art, for song I will tell what you did to me.

I suppose I should thank you All was theoretical before. So pat yourself on the back. Feel comfort about how you slammed the door.

I’m going to tell them what you did And all who know us will know it’s you And it won’t be out of revenge.

It will be because thanks to you I finally have the story I have always wanted to write I finally have a love Who never once kissed me and said good night.

So I will write about you And it will be you to a tee The man I thought I knew The man you pretended to be.

I want my readers to be confused They will shake their heads and ask How can he be so sweet, And yet such a cold hearted ass.

You will be the perfect character You will be true And you will betray the girl Because that is what you do.

But this isn’t for revenge. No, sir, I swear it is not. This is to understand Everything I never got.

Because if I can write about you I can put you in a box. I can explain away your lies And live with my lot.

This isn’t revenge, Despite what people say About how you shouldn’t upset writers Because they will write about you one day.

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