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Gremlin Publishing

When you’re going Indie it’s a good idea to have a publishing company under your name (as a dba or an LLC).  It’s still you, but it’s more professional to have your name as the author published by a company and not just yourself.

Designing a logo isn’t like designing a book cover.  There you have to hit certain elements to signal your genre and can be changed as the years pass.  A logo is a completely different animal (pun intended!).  It is the representation of your business.  You can do the logo in different colors with the same idea, put it in black and white for some things, and have the kitschy, bright colors for the website and such.

I ran the Trademark search for Gremlin Publishing and didn’t run into any obvious problems so I’ve settled on that name.  And here’s my first try at a logo. I’ll probably have to change a few (a lot!) things and my boyfriend, the actual artist, is going to run his expert eye over it, but for now, what do you all think?  What elements could be changed?  Would it look better with different effects or colors?

All elements can be changed, except for the cat.  I learned two years ago the cat is going nowhere, and that’s why I take allergy shots now 😀

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