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Liberty Con and Gen Con Schedules 2015

I’m registered for Liberty Con in June and Gen Con in July, which coincides with my birthday so I get to party in Indi!!!

Writers’ Conventions or Symposiums are a great place to take writing classes, network and learn some new tricks.  I’ve been to Killer Nashville, which is great, but focuses mainly on writing for mysteries.  Liberty Con I’ve been told is like a Baen family reunion and is more about the industry getting together than teachy newbies, but they still have some great panels.

Gen Con’s Writer’s Symposium is all about teaching the amateurs and wannabes.  And I can’t wait.

Here is the schedule for Liberty Con in general.  If you want to go, get a ticket fast because they’re almost out.  It’ll probably be easier to get a hotel in Chattanooga (since that Con’s so much smaller) than it will be in Indianapolis now.  There are still some hotels and motels left that are further away, so you’ll have to drive, but I’d recommend getting one fast. DayTimeName of EventFri03:00PMTerraformingFri03:00PMReading: Terry Maggert & Robert WatersFri03:00PMLarge Dice Games with Daniel and AgathaFri03:00PMEditorial PrerogativeFri03:00PMAutograph Session  (Burkhead, French, Mandragora, Puster, Wandrey)Fri03:00PMReading – M. B. Weston & Paul CagleFri03:00PMKids Dungeons & DragonsFri03:00PMWorld Building WorkshopFri03:00PMReading – Stephen Simmons & Anna Grace CarpenerFri03:00PMAuthor’s Alley  (Baird, Cook, Rorabaugh)Fri04:00PM50 Years of SETI, Where is Everyone?Fri04:00PMWhat’s new in Space Opera?Fri04:00PMFace PaintingFri04:00PMWeird Wild WestFri04:00PMAutograph Session  (Hunt, L Johnson, Lewis, Lowery)Fri04:00PMThe Delphic OracleFri04:00PMReading – Sabrina Chase & Dina LeacockFri04:00PMAuthor’s Alley  (Burkhead, Coe, Kroese)Fri05:00PMOpening CeremoniesFri05:00PMOpen GamingFri06:00PMIllustrating Space OperaFri06:00PMConsciousness: Who are we really?Fri06:00PMBalloons of DoomFri06:00PMWhat’s New in Dark Fantasy?Fri06:00PMAutograph Session  (Baker, K Daniels, A Davis, Raufson, Weston)Fri06:00PMReading: Jack McDevittFri06:00PM“GURPS Mars Attacks” (RPG) – The Martians ComeFri06:00PMKeeping Track of Your MoneyFri06:00PMMeet the Literary Guest of Honor – David WeberFri06:00PMAuthor’s Alley  (French, Mandragora, Patterson)Fri07:00PMTennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop (TVIW)Fri07:00PMChanges in the World of PublishingFri07:00PMPuppet ShowFri07:00PMTechnological Future of WarFri07:00PMAutograph Session  (Cordova, Hartness, Lamplighter, Maggert, C Sanderson)Fri07:00PMWhat’s New from Perseid PublishingFri07:00PMGypsy Knights Games presents Traveller – “In Pursuit of Mr. James” 3-9 playersFri07:00PMShort Stories or Novels, Indie?Fri07:00PMMeet the Artist Guest of Honor – Sam FlegalFri07:00PMAuthor’s Alley  (B Brooks, Mandragora, Nye)Fri08:00PMEmerging Pathogens and Antibiotic ResistanceFri08:00PMDavid Drake – A Retrospective of my Favorite WorksFri08:00PM1632: Mass Autograph SessionFri08:00PMWirmish (Writer’s Skirmish)Fri08:00PMReading: Les JohnsonFri08:00PMIndie Marketing WorkshopFri08:00PMMeet the Master of Ceremonies – Howard TaylerFri08:00PMAuthor’s Alley  (Holo, C Kennedy, S Osborn)Fri09:00PMSurviving the Next Carrington EventFri09:00PMBrewing 102Fri09:00PMReading: David Burkhead & Robert BuettnerFri09:00PMWhat’s New in Military SFFri09:00PMArtist Meet & GreetFri09:00PMBureau 9Fri09:00PMMeet the Science Guest of Honor – Dr. Robert Hampson aka Tedd RobertsFri09:00PMAuthor’s Alley  (Holo, Lewis, Lowery)Fri10:00PMNuclear Power vs. Fossil FuelsFri10:00PMParanormal Activities PanelFri10:00PMLarge Dice Games with Daniel and AgathaFri10:00PMSocial Justice for the UndeadFri10:00PM1632: This Isn’t the Victorian Era: Sexuality in the 17th CenturyFri10:00PMOpen GamingFri10:00PMFriday Night DanceFri10:00PMMeet the Special Guest: Steve JacksonFri10:00PMAuthor’s Alley  (Holo, Maggert, Spriggs)Fri10:30PMManticoran Navy Ship HMS Wolverine CommissioningFri11:00PMSteve Jackson Games – Open GamingFri11:00PMSpades Tournament (First Round)DayTimeName of EventSat10:00AMAlien Minds: How They are portrayed in Science FictionSat10:00AMOn the Collaborations of David Weber and Eric FlintSat10:00AMMake It & Take It Workshop and Sit’n’StitchSat10:00AMGlobal Warming / Climate Change: The Debate ContinuesSat10:00AMAutograph Session  (Fults, Leacock, Maggert, J Young)Sat10:00AM“Kaiju Returns — are big monsters really necessary for urban renewal?”Sat10:00AMBoard Game Design WorkshopSat10:00AMKids Dungeons & DragonsSat10:00AMReading: Scott W. Baker & Anna Kathryn DavisSat10:00AMAuthor’s Alley  (Dandridge, French, Wandrey)Sat11:00AMTrial By FireSat11:00AMReading: Julie CochraneSat11:00AMAutograph Session  (C Kennedy, Lowery, S Osborn, J Young)Sat11:00AMArtist Guest of Honor Walk ThroughSat11:00AMBoots on the Ground vs. Bots on the GroundSat11:00AMReading: The Writing Hoyts!Sat11:00AMAuthor’s Alley  (Dandridge, Dempsey, Patterson)Sat12:00PMNASA UpdateSat12:00PMHow to Write WorkshopSat12:00PMWhat’s New in YA Fantasy LiteratureSat12:00PMAutograph Session  (B Brooks, M Powell, Raymer, Rorabaugh)Sat12:00PM1632: Weird Tech, Part I and IISat12:00PM“Munchkin Apocalypse“Sat12:00PMOpen GamingSat12:00PMSpace Opera Luncheon Banquet and Guest of Honor SpeechesSat12:00PMReading: Ernest Dempsey & Louis PusterSat12:00PMAuthor’s Alley  (Hartness, Lewis, Raufson)Sat01:00PMImprov Painting DemonstrationSat01:00PMLarge Dice Games with Daniel and AgathaSat01:00PMWhat’s new in HorrorSat01:00PMAutograph Session  (Dempsey, Gannon, Holo, Ringo)Sat01:00PMReading: David B. Coe / D. B. JacksonSat01:00PMAuthor’s Alley  (Hartness, Pascoe, Raufson)Sat02:00PMH.G. Wells: The Father of Modern SFSat02:00PMReading: Eric S. Brown & L. Jagi LamplighterSat02:00PMFace PaintingSat02:00PMBaen Traveling Slideshow and Prize PatrolSat02:00PMAutograph Session  (Biondolillo, Buettner, Dempsey, Herring-Jones, McCaffrey)Sat02:00PMUtopian VisionsSat02:00PMGypsy Knights Games presents Traveller – “The Early Bird” 3-9 playersSat02:00PMReading: Charles E. GannonSat02:00PMAuthor’s Alley  (Hartness, Raufson, Spriggs)Sat03:00PMScience and PublishingSat03:00PMDavid Weber: A Man Without HonorSat03:00PMKids Costuming / Masquerade and Magic ShowSat03:00PMAutograph Session  (Driver, French, McDevitt, Tayler)Sat03:00PMIron Artist Competition (Live!)Sat03:00PMWhat’s new from Iron Clad PressSat03:00PMReading – Mark Fults: “Chattanooga Chills”Sat03:00PMAuthor’s Alley  (Baird, Burkhead, Cook)Sat03:00PMSpades Tournament (Second Round)Sat04:00PMWhat’s New from Steve Jackson GamesSat04:00PMHumor in Science Fiction and FantasySat04:00PMReading – Tom TrumpinskiSat04:00PMConcert: Beth PattersonSat04:00PMAutograph Session  (Brown, Drake, Mandragora, Weber)Sat04:00PMIce Cream SocialSat04:00PM1632: How History has Already ChangedSat04:00PMIndie: Is your book ready for prime time?Sat04:00PMReading: Kimberly S. Daniels & T.D. RaufsonSat04:00PMAuthor’s Alley  (Cochrane, Coe, L Johnson, C Kennedy)Sat04:00PMSpades Tournament (Final Round)Sat05:00PMNuclear Oddities and Follies, Part IISat05:00PMComing HomeSat05:00PMGenerating the Sense of Wonder in YA LiteratureSat05:00PMAutograph Session  (D Hoyt, R Hoyt, S Hoyt, Nye)Sat05:00PMConvention War StoriesSat05:00PMOpen GamingSat05:00PMReading – Cedar Sanderson and Amanda GreenSat05:00PMAuthor’s Alley  (Hough, L Johnson, Mays)Sat06:00PMReading: John Hartness & Beth PattersonSat06:00PMPuppet ShowSat06:00PMParanormal Romance: Supernatural Love or is it?Sat06:00PMWhat is the fascination with Dystopian futures?Sat06:00PM“GURPS Mars Attacks” (RPG) – Take Out the TrashSat06:00PMReading: Chris Smith & Kacey EzellSat06:00PMAuthor’s Alley  (Hough, S Osborn, Weston)Sat07:00PMArt and Charity AuctionSat07:00PMWriting for the ComicsSat07:00PMBalloons of DoomSat07:00PMCostume, Clothing and Dress in SF&FSat07:00PMAdventuring into the World of Uteria: The Dead GulchSat07:00PMReading – Louise Herring-Jones and D. Alan LewisSat07:00PMAuthor’s Alley  (Lowery, Patterson, Weston)Sat08:00PMWhat’s New in Pirate FantasySat08:00PMComics vs. Media: Who got it right? Who got it wrong?Sat08:00PMReading: Thomas Mays & Kal SpriggsSat08:00PMAuthor’s Alley  (Cook, Rorabaugh, Weston)Sat09:00PM1632: Music of the RingSat09:00PMWhat’s New in Epic Fantasy?Sat09:00PMLarge Dice Games with Daniel and AgathaSat09:00PMARTC Presentation: Thomas E. Fuller’s “The Passion of Frankenstein”Sat09:00PMParanormal: Fact or Fiction?Sat09:00PMGypsy Knights Games presents Traveller: “From Hell’s Heart” 3-9 playersSat09:00PMReading: Jacob Holo & Cindy MacLeodSat09:00PMAuthor’s Alley  (B Brooks, A Green, Maggert)Sat10:00PMAre You a Werewolf?Sat10:00PMWeremystes, Conjurers & Tricorn Punk: David B. Coe Talks Urban FantasySat10:00PMSteve Jackson Games – Open GamingSat10:00PMReading – Jody Lynn NyeSat11:00PMMad Scientist RoundtableDayTimeName of EventSun10:00AMARTC Reading: TBDSun10:00AMCybersecurity for the AuthorSun10:00AMLarge Dice Games with Daniel and AgathaSun10:00AMBlogging and the Rise of Fan SitesSun10:00AMAutograph Session  (Driver, Leacock, Puster)Sun10:00AMReading: John RingoSun10:00AMOpen GamingSun10:00AMKaffeeklatschSun10:00AMReading: Martin Powell & L.R. Barrett-Durham PowellSun10:00AMAuthor’s Alley  (S Hoyt, C Sanderson, Waters)Sun11:00AMFamily Feud: Hoyt vs. WilliamsonSun11:00AMDoctors in HellSun11:00AMReading – Tamara Lowery & Herika RaymerSun11:00AMThe Ethics of Human AugmentationSun11:00AMAutograph Session  (Hartness, C Kennedy, Wandrey, Weber)Sun11:00AMWorld Building: First Contact (on the Fly)!Sun11:00AMSteve Jackson Games – Open GamingSun11:00AMReading – Walt Boyes & Donna DriverSun11:00AMAuthor’s Alley  (Coe, French, Huff)Sun12:00PMIntelligence: What is it? Where is my smart pill?Sun12:00PMWhat’s new in the World of SteampunkSun12:00PMBalloons of DoomSun12:00PMThe “Other” – Is the enemy demonized or humanized in modern Military SF?Sun12:00PMAutograph Session  (Cook, Hough, Raufson, Weston)Sun12:00PM1632: Snerking the PlotsSun12:00PMHumor WorkshopSun12:00PMReading – Jack Finley & Robert KroeseSun12:00PMAuthor’s Alley  (B Brooks, Lowery, S Osborn)Sun01:00PMThe Art of Illustrator Sam FlegalSun01:00PMReading – David WeberSun01:00PMPuppet ShowSun01:00PMHow to Serve Mythical Creatures PanelSun01:00PMAutograph Session  (B Brooks, Burkhead, Holo, Mays, McCaffrey)Sun01:00PM1632: Sociological Implications of the Ring of FireSun01:00PMReading – Jonathan Baird & Walter HuntSun01:00PMAuthor’s Alley  (Maggert, Spriggs, Wandrey)Sun02:00PMCelebrity JeopardySun02:00PMUrban Fantasies: What Cities Make the Best Backdrop for Imagination and Why?Sun02:00PMWhat’s New from Sha’Daa: FACETSSun02:00PMAutograph Session  (P Grant, Kroese, Rorabaugh, Tayler)Sun02:00PMReading – David DrakeSun02:00PMCover Design PanelSun02:00PMReading: Jonathan French & A. R. CookSun02:00PMAuthor’s Alley  (C Kennedy, Lewis, Mandragora)Sun03:00PMClosing Ceremonies – Let’s Bitch at Brandy

And my Gen Con’s Writer’s Symposium Schedule specifically.  You have to sign up for specific events because each room can only accommodate so many.  Cuz there’s so many events in the Writer’s Symposium alone (not to mention the events in different parts of the Con), I’m not posting the full schedule here, you can find it here:  ItemTimeRecipientCostWriter’s Craft: Anatomy of a Fight Scene—Part 1Thu at 9:00 AMAmie Gibbons (1 ticket)$0.00Writer’s Craft: Making the Fantastic Feel RealisticThu at 10:00 AMAmie Gibbons (1 ticket)$0.00Business of Writing: Early Stage Writing Career—What to ExpectThu at 11:00 AMAmie Gibbons (1 ticket)$0.00Character Craft: Common People in Epic ConflictsThu at 1:00 PMAmie Gibbons (1 ticket)$0.00Writer’s Craft: When to Show, When to TellThu at 2:00 PMAmie Gibbons (1 ticket)$0.00Character Craft: Where to Start When Creating CharactersThu at 3:00 PMAmie Gibbons (1 ticket)$0.00Writer’s Craft: Badass BadguysThu at 4:00 PMAmie Gibbons (1 ticket)$8.00Business of Writing: Pitching Your ProjectThu at 5:00 PMAmie Gibbons (1 ticket)$0.00Worldbuilding: When Your World is a CharacterThu at 6:00 PMAmie Gibbons (1 ticket)$0.00Writer’s Craft: Plotting Short StoriesThu at 7:00 PMAmie Gibbons (1 ticket)$0.00Writer’s Craft: Finding Work for Your Inner Critic—Self-Editing for Fiction WritersFri at 9:00 AMAmie Gibbons (1 ticket)$8.00Author Ed: Murder Murder Death Death!—Traumatic Injury MythsFri at 11:00 AMAmie Gibbons (1 ticket)$0.00Writer’s Craft: Description Through DialogueFri at 12:00 PMAmie Gibbons (1 ticket)$0.00Writer’s Life: Breaking Writer’s BlockFri at 2:00 PMAmie Gibbons (1 ticket)$0.00Writer’s Office Hours: Drop in Q & AFri at 3:00 PMAmie Gibbons (1 ticket)$0.00Writer’s Craft: CharacterizationFri at 4:00 PMAmie Gibbons (1 ticket)$8.00Writer’s Craft: Cinematic Action ScenesFri at 5:00 PMAmie Gibbons (1 ticket)$0.00Writer’s Craft: Epiphanies & Defining MomentsFri at 6:00 PMAmie Gibbons (1 ticket)$0.00Worldbuilding: Governments & LawsFri at 7:00 PMAmie Gibbons (1 ticket)$0.00Writer’s Craft: How to Create a More Realistic Fictitious WorldSat at 9:00 AMAmie Gibbons (1 ticket)$0.00Worldbuilding: Creating Magic SystemsSat at 10:00 AMAmie Gibbons (1 ticket)$0.00Character Craft: What Makes a Character a Hero?Sat at 11:00 AMAmie Gibbons (1 ticket)$0.00Worldbuilding: Writing a World’s HistorySat at 12:00 PMAmie Gibbons (1 ticket)$0.00Writer’s Craft: Sustaining the Tension in NovelsSat at 1:00 PMAmie Gibbons (1 ticket)$0.00Writer’s Craft: Hickman’s Guide to the Care & Feeding of Your AudienceSat at 2:00 PMAmie Gibbons (1 ticket)$0.00Writer’s Craft: Magic and the Modern WorldSat at 3:00 PMAmie Gibbons (1 ticket)$0.00Worldbuilding: Creating ReligionsSat at 4:00 PMAmie Gibbons (1 ticket)$0.00Character Craft: Supporting Cast—Real People VS Plot DevicesSat at 5:00 PMAmie Gibbons (1 ticket)$0.00Character Craft: Writing the OtherSat at 6:00 PMAmie Gibbons (1 ticket)$0.00Read & CritiqueSun at 11:00 AMAmie Gibbons (1 ticket)$8.00Writer’s Craft: Atmospheric WritingThu at 12:00 PMAmie Gibbons (1 ticket)$0.00

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