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Links on Writing


Alright guys, today I’m not gonna talk.  I know you love my ramblings (what, only I love my ramblings? 🙂 but today I’m just gonna link.  Below are links to sites and blogs with invaluable tips/tricks/advice on how to write.  Yes, most of these are a link to a bunch of other links.  It’s like clickbait squared, just roll with it.  And if you get lost?  Just remember you parked in the Gibbons lot 😉

Anatomy of a Best-Selling Story—Structure Part One She doesn’t have all these stored on a page, but start here and just keep clicking next post to get all 9.

And then go here for her series of posts on POV 

Articles on Publishing (Okay, technically not on writing, more what comes after, but useful 🙂

Alright, have fun diving down those bunny holes.  And when you come up for air, happy writing 🙂

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