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In this post, we’re going to play a game.  It’s kind of 20 questions, I never, er… other question games that are fun with drinking.

You know the saying, write what you know?  Basically, put the setting in a city you’ve lived in, write people doing jobs you’ve done, have characters that resonate, who read as real people because you pull parts of real people and put them together.

Wow, that sounds so creepy reading it again.  Just… you know what I mean by that whole Frankenstein thing, just go with it.

We chop up our real lives, other people’s lives, TV shows, books, celeb gossip, ect… every day, and shove it all into the giant meat processor in our brains.  Still gross?  Yeahhhhhh, oh well, I’m going with gross for this post.

So, if you’re not sure on a story for Camp Nanowrimo this April, or just for stories in general, think about your life, draw inspiration from it.  Answer the questions below, and pick one for your writing prompt.  If you’re feeling brave post here or on your blog and link back here so others may draw from your life as well. 😉

1. Name of the person and circumstances of your first kiss?

2. How did your first broken heart happen?

3. What’s your earliest memory?

4. What was your worst trip?

5. What did the Jr. High bully do to you (or were you the bully)?

6. When you were five, what did you want to be when you grew up?

7. What’s something weird that could (take this as loosely as you want) happen at your job today to turn your life upside down?

8. Go negative, what’s the worst (feasible) thing that could happen to you today?

9. What was your worst date?

10. Have you ever been in a physical fight and how did it go down?

Alright, answer to yourself or publicly if you dare 😉  Happy writing.

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