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I need help.  One of the great things about Nanowrimo was the chart keeping track of your words.  You’d write and click on your word counter to update, even just a few words at a time, and it’d update and show you your chart.  A nice little boost in that sense of accomplishment.  A reward system basically.  And that kept you going.

Now that Nano’s over, I can’t use their word counter anymore.  So there’s no more chart showing my day to day progress and overall how I’m keeping up with word count goals.  I miss it.  I’m going through Nano withdrawal!

I looked around the net and can’t find a chart thing quite like that, where you put in your words each day and it updates a visual chart.  I’ve only found word count bars you can update, like the one to the right on my home page.  It’s okay, but I want my graphs, man.

Does anyone know where online we can find a chart app like the one they had in Nano?  Come on, man *rubs arms* I’m tweaking out here.  Seriously now, anyone know a program or a website that does that?

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