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Many writers have traveled to the wilderness to find inspiration, locked themselves in dreary hotel rooms to meet a deadline, stayed up all night to write while the world slept. All ways to cut themselves off from humanity and the outside world so they can let their inside world find shape.

After a month of living on the edge of the middle of Nowhere, far from home and civilization during the week, my very own Walden Pond…

I can say with certainty those writers are just fucking nuts.

I have been living in a tiny town about two hours from home because that’s where I got a job.  I don’t like the place I rented, it has a strange, musty smell, there’s way too many noises outside, and I just haven’t gotten comfortable here.  And I realized, I don’t write well if I’m not comfortable, if I don’t feel safe.  I go home on the weekends and spend the time with my cats (the furry one and the long, camera toting one) and cleaning because as much as I love them, they are messy boys.  And I don’t really get writing done there.

So, here’s a question for other writers.  How do you write?  Do you get more into the mindset in certain places?  Do you use a special scent, song, ritual to get yourself “in the mood” so to speak?

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