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Portrait of an ENTJ/P – Evie Jones


I went into the helpfulness of the Myers Briggs test for your characters here: Hey Baby, What’s Your Personality Type? and have done this for a few of the main characters in my Laws of Magic series, and now for Evie Jones.  I am not at all surprised that she’s an ENTJ/P (the commander/debater or dictator/prick).


Extravert(56%)  iNtuitive(28%)  Thinking(25%)  Judging(3%)

  1. You have moderate preference of Extraversion over Introversion (56%)

  2. You have moderate preference of Intuition over Sensing (28%)

  3. You have moderate preference of Thinking over Feeling (25%)

  4. You have marginal or no preference of Judging over Perceiving (3%)

Evie’s the witches’ version of a toned down anti government militia girl, who only lives on the grid because she likes her creature comforts and technology.  She’s stocked up on guns and magic, subverts her totalitarian government if it suits her, and if she ever gets caught, she’ll fight it within the system first… with a blow the whole damn thing up backup plan for if she doesn’t win.

ENTJs are rational, logical natural leaders with little patience and little regard for others’ points of view.  They make decisions quickly and stick to them.  And they love to debate.  Almost as much as the ENTPs.  The ENTPs love looking at all the possibilities, makes them great lawyers.  They hate routine and like having new problems to solve every day.

These fit Evie pretty well.  She’s a healthcare attorney who gets depressed when she loses her job (because she pissed off the boss) and can only get a job where she’s doing pretty much the same thing every day.  That’s soul death to the ENTP.  Having to answer to anyone is hard for an ENTJ.  She has no problem hurting people, even killing them, if she thinks they deserve it.  Guilt isn’t big in her world.

But she has a soft side.  She’ll bust her ass to help a friend, bend over backwards to take the heat for them, and will even risk exposure to her witch government.  She falls hard when she does fall and gets deeply hurt when it doesn’t work because she doesn’t fall in love easily.  She had a few relationships that didn’t work out and she was fine with it because she wasn’t really in love.  And one guy she was in love with and still cares about years later.  As her friend likes to joke, she mates for life.

She’s not always the clearest thinker in dangerous situations.  The downside to her decisive nature is she’ll make a decision and get stuck with it when it wasn’t the best one.  She’s working on it.  The more danger she gets thrown in to, the better she gets at bringing her logical side out again and making rational decisions quickly during the flow of adrenaline.

There’s Evie Jones.  All of this is stuff I already knew, the test just helps you focus more on who your character is.  Partially through you thinking about the questions the test asks and how your character would answer, and partially through giving you an idea of scenarios you didn’t think of before.

Happy Writing 🙂

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