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Setting Specific Goals

Yesterday I talked about how setting specific goals can help you actually meet them because it gives you some concrete activity to do every day instead of a general, ‘I need to meet this goal but I’m not sure how or I can do it tomorrow’ mentality.

This year I didn’t set New Year’s resolutions.  Mostly because I’m not big on them anyway since they so often are those fuzzy general ideas.  But I do like to set goals so here are mine.

  1. Write 1000 words a day/ OR edit for an hour a day.

  2. Walk for 30 minutes at least 5 times a week (usually I do this during my lunch at work).

  3. Do 40 crunches a day – adding 10 crunches a month until I’m back up to the 200 a day I used to do (ah, those innocent, carefree pre law school days :).

  4. Do 5 blog posts a week.

And that’s it.  Yep, I mean it when I say start small.  I’m not in the shape I used to be, so I’m going to work on building the workout back up.  I’m not consistent with writing and I need to be, especially now that I’m published and have to stick to a schedule.

There are other things I’d like to do, like get better at marketing and spend more time with my boyfriend, but the first is squishy and general, I don’t know how to implement that yet so I’m reading books on it and will see where to go from there, and the second is something I want to do and don’t want to turn into a chore I need to tick off, so I’m not putting any hard numbers on it, that’s the type of goal that can remain squishy. 🙂

Alright, those are mine.  What about you?  Have any goals for the year/month/rest of your life?  Feel like sharing?  Tell us in the comments 🙂

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