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This is trending on Twitter right now and some of them are hilarious.  I picked my top ten from the ones so far.  People are still adding them so go check them out.  Your assignment, if you chose to accept it, is to use one as a writing prompt:

1. You’re a writer?  Me too!  Would you read my manuscript and give me some tips?

2. Can I be in your book?

3. What’s your real job?

4. Are you a real writer or one of those self published ones?

5. Have you written anything I may have heard of?

6. You’re a writer?  Oh, good for you.

7. You should write non-fiction, it pays better.

8. I’ve [done some interesting thing]. You should write a book about me.

9. I’ve always wanted to write.  I have this idea (takes half an hour to explain half baked idea).

10. Why don’t you try writing [normal/mainstream/literature] stuff?  That way I’d want to read it.

Alright, join the Twitter vent and as always, happy writing 🙂

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