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That Moment You Realize Your Ex Was A Dementor

He sent you into a spiral of depression whenever he came around, you dove into chocolate to feel better, and you’re pretty sure he sucked out your soul when he kissed you because you were a walking zombie for about a year.  (Luckily your soul grew back… or you learned to function without one.  You’re not sure which yet.)

Honey, he’s a dementor.

I know!  It was an epiphany to me too.

5 years ago today I made what I still consider the biggest mistake of my life.  Otherwise known as my evil ex… someone my dad and brother referred to as Voldemort for awhile because I didn’t like to say his name.  I really should’ve made the dementors connection earlier.

I mean, the man was a politician… and German.  If that’s not a soul eater, I don’t know what is.

What’s really funny is the night before I met him, I lost my ID at a bar.  We got together and I lost my sense, my mind, my path, basically myself to a guy.  It couldn’t have been more perfect foreshadowing if I’d written it myself.  On top of that, it was my first year of law school, which is pretty much the worst time to drown in depression because ain’t no 1L got time for that.

So, if you can relate to this at all (and I don’t care which gender you are, we all have been destroyed by a member of the other sex (or same sex if that’s how you swing) at some point; if you haven’t yet, don’t worry, you will be 🙂 then know you are not alone.  Everyone has a horrible story, they come out of your friends when you’re crying about yours.

And you can always get back at your evil ex by telling the world what they did, or write them into story (using a different name of course) and kill them off 🙂

I’m off to eat chocolate and drink wine.  Happy writing and good mental health 🙂

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