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Yep, we’re halfway through Nanowrimo and I hit the ‘I hate my f#%^ing novel phase right on schedule. And based on the threads on the Nano website, I’m not the only one.

So why is this? We start with so much enthusiasm, that ‘My novel is going great, the plot is flowing, the characters are fun, the scenes are tight’ thing.

And then around week three, we hit a wall. The plot has been done to death, is too slow, is wandering all over the place. The characters are flat, the dialog stilted, and the romance doesn’t ring true.

This happens so often in week three that it’s a stereotype in the Wrimo world. There’s a few theories as to why, mostly around the same theories saying this happens on all new projects.

What’s important is how to get out of it.

I’ve compiled a few links to great pep talks (there are none this year in Nanowrimo’s pep talks for some reason, do not get me started) from past years and some of my articles on writing that may help light the spark.

Hope this helps! And happy writing!

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