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The Sick Kitteh’s Cookbook 2. Egg and Pear Scramble


This is a blog series on cooking.  They aren’t just recipes, they are a mindset when it comes to cooking.  I am a follow the recipe kind of girl, and I cook fine, but the people in my life who are chefs?  They make shit up as they go and it’s always amazing… I should’ve used a different word besides shit, huh? 🙂

So here’s the second entry in my journey as I try to take on the chef mindset of just throw stuff you think will go in and see what works.  You’ll notice there are no measurements, because that’s not how this recipe works, just throw in what you want till you run out of room 🙂

Egg and Pear Scramble:

Whip the eggs in a bowl with milk, cream or yogurt. Chop up pears and any other produce you think goes in an omelette.  I like peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, and cheese.

Pour eggs into the pan and toss in the produce.  And then scramble.  Let it cook until the eggs are done and pears are soft.  Top with salt, pepper, dill, some extra cheese, and serve.  I like it with smoked salmon (never cook the smoked salmon!) and fruit.  Maybe a pastry.

Enjoy 🙂

And if you like my crazy cooking, just wait till you try my fiction 🙂

What do you get when the Council is in town and there’s a chaos causing bunny going after a witch and her friends? A seriously messed up weekend. Oy vey.

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