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I’m obsessed with music.  Not really a stretch that I ended up in Music City, is it?  I love the stories songs tell, the emotion they convey, how one person can take one thing from a song and another some other thing and both be right.

I sing and dance, sometimes just to the music in my mind.  I can take almost any song I like and pair it to some character or story, not because the songs are so mailable, but because I get ideas from songs.  I see some story that goes with them and those end up somewhere in my writings.

The first character I created has the power to make music project out of her, and absolutely no control over it, which can lead to some awkward encounters with people when a song that fits the situation suddenly comes on and there’s no electronic devices obviously responsible.  I have another character who’s a witch that channels magic by dancing and singing, like other witches channel through chanting and potions.  And yet another who moonlights as a nightclub singer and auditions for shows even though she has a demanding job.  My characters are always at bars listening to music, dancing at a party, blasting their radios or playing classical music while they cook.

There’s the back-story, here’s the assignment: come up with your story’s playlist.

What songs make you think of your story, a part of it, an emotion in it, or a character?  OR if you’re feeling brave, what’s the playlist to an important time in your own life?

I’m working on finishing The Gods Defense for Nanowrimo, so I’ve rummaged through my scattered brain (and my i-Tunes) for songs for Cassandra and her world of gods, the law and magic.  These aren’t in order of the story, just the order I found them in my i-Tunes and said, “Oh yeah, that one!”

Kongos – Come With Me Now

Nashville Cast – I Will Fall

Taylor Swift – The Last Time

Skillet – Whispers in the Dark

Lifehouse – Am I Ever Gonna Find Out

The Fray – Over My Head

The Clash – Should I Stay or Should I Go

Joan Jett – I Hate Myself for Loving You

Pink – Blow Me (One Last Kiss)

One Republic – Love Runs Out

Three Days Grace – Riot

Nashville Cast – Don’t Put Dirt On My Grave Just Yet

Bonnie Raitt – Something to Talk About

Nashville Cast – If I didn’t Know Better

Imagine Dragons – It’s Time

Okay, there’s my list.  Go make yours… or, you know, just listen to it while you write for nanowrimo like I’m supposed to be and managed to procrastinate while I made my list.

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