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Where do you get your Inspiration?

Well, I seem to get a lot of ideas from Facebook.  Like from this picture, I made a joke about them trying to get to that Flamingo refuge hotel in Vegas.  Oh, idea for a story 😉

Another thing Facebook is great for is getting ideas for character drastically different than you.  Go to a page dedicated to something you hate, the opposite political viewpoint, hell, even the opposite gender.  See what they post and how they think.  You have friends with different viewpoints and voices (I hope) look at their pages.  How do they phrase things?  What’s important to them?  What do they like?

When you’re shaping stories, you’ve got to start with the characters (Okay, I may be exaggerating with the ‘got to’ sue me 🙂  And they can’t all be you in disguise.  You also have to have a plot (this one I am going to stick to, if you don’t have a plot, it’s literary).  And the internet is full of memes and sayings and stupid stuff flying around that would make for great stories and great characters.

So while you’re procrastinating writing by being on social media (gives you the hairy eyeball) put it to good use.  Make it research.

Happy writing 😉

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