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Where Were You?

Our generation has one of those defining moments, where we’ll be telling our kids about it.  I think every generation has something like that.  The biggest thing that happens during those 20 years or so.  The little ones just gets replaced if an even bigger one comes along.  For us, it was 9/11.

I was 14 and getting ready for school, waiting for my big sister who always made me late.  I was eating breakfast in the living room, watching the news with my mom.  She said a plane crashed into one of the towers and we were watching it smoke.  The second plane flew in and hit the other tower and we were speechless for a few seconds then I said, “There’s no way that’s a coincidence.”

For someone with a generally bad memory, this is a pretty vivid one.  I don’t really remember the rest of the day or any details about the next one, but I remember that moment.

My memory’s not a big, impressive story or anything.  It doesn’t have to be.  9/11 is a defining moment because of how it changed the country.  And everyone knows where they were, what they were doing and their first reaction to the news.  Everyone has a story, that when put together, equal not only the tapestry of the tragedy that was that day, but show the strength of the American people.

So what’s your story of that day?  Doesn’t matter how small, if you knew someone affected or not, it’s all a part of the story of America on that fateful day.

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