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Who Are You?


This is part self actualizing and part writing exercise.  Who are you?  List 5 traits that make you, you.  I don’t mean the surface stuff like you’re a middle child (guilty! 🙂 or your favorite food is sushi.  I mean the original stuff, the quirks, the details.  Do this for yourself, and if you’re a writer, do this for your main characters.

Aim for stuff that makes you lovable, that makes you hard to love, that makes you weird, even gross (please not too gross), or just plain cute.

I’m Amie.  Yes, I’m a middle child who loves coffee, sushi and sweet wines and hates traffic and being cold.  Which are traits that give you an idea about me, but they aren’t terribly descriptive.  So here we go.

  1. I have a stuffed animal named Baby Henry that has been with me since my first Christmas.  I slept with him until I was old enough that I don’t want to tell you the age, and I pulled him back out and slept with him when I first moved out on my own because it was the only way I could sleep.

  2. I have a nasty habit of picking at my face.  I pick and pull until there’s actual damage, which gives me more to pick at.  It gets worse when I’m stressed or in a new environment.

  3. My boyfriend and I communicate in meows with each other.  Yes, our friends are used to it, no, they don’t join in.

  4. I give nicknames to most of my friends and family, not on purpose, they just come to me and stick.  But no matter what nickname I’ve given someone, they always are Sweetie to me when I’m feeling protective.

  5. I can not remember names or faces to save my life, honestly, it’s so bad I should be in a memory meds study as the control group.  But I’m great at remembering number details like birthdays.

There you go, that’s some of the quirky world of Amie.

Your turn.  You or your character.  Go 🙂

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