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Why Do We Procrastinate?


I saw a great article on procrastination here: and it was all pretty on the nose, for one type of procrastination.  The people who do get distracted and do go off of that mentality of ‘I want something rewarding now, like something fun or easy or relaxing, instead of working for some reward in the future.’

But what about other types?  I know a lot of Type A personalities, myself included *guilty grin,* who procrastinate.  It’s not due to wanting rewards now, because we generally have our brain’s trained that to get the good stuff, we have to work.  So why do us type A, creative, pain in the ass, let’s get shit DONE people procrastinate 🙂

You probably didn’t notice, the answer’s already hinted at in there.

It’s because we are so type A, let’s get shit done that we procrastinate.  Because once we start something, we must finish it.  We’re not great at taking stuff in small pieces.  ‘I’ll do this part now and this part tomorrow and so on until it’s done.’

We’re doers!  We do! (Dear gods above, that sounds dirty, but it’s not meant to be 🙂

So when we set our minds to doing something, we want to make sure we have enough time and energy to get that shit done, to get it done right, and to not have to come back to it for awhile.  It has to get done and be out of the way so we don’t feel like we wasted our time because we could have been doing other type A things or taking a break from the million other things we do.

I hit on this last night because I finally got around to setting up a mailing list to tell people when a new story or book is out.  I first found out about these and was planning on doing one about 2 to 3 months ago.  I got it on my to do list as a do it NOW about 3 weeks ago.

I know!

Why did it take me so long?  Because I don’t speak computer, I didn’t understand the process 100% so I didn’t want to do it until I could.  Last night I forced myself to sit down and work it through and told myself if I ran into problems because of my lack of computer science savvy, I’d deal with it then.

I ran into a problem.  I got it set up and could not figure out why the code it gave me to embed the form wouldn’t go into wordpress correctly.  I called up people, I tried different ways of doing it, tried different types of code, and after about 2 hours of this when it was near midnight, I finally gave up.

That’s not easy for a type A.

I just got the link and put it in and that’ll have to do until I can figure out how to embed the form.  If you’d like to sign up to get notifications when I have a new short story or book out (and only for that, because I hate spam probably more than you do)  the link is here  🙂

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