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WriterLife Wednesday – Formatting and Publishing


Since I’m nose deep in the publishing part of stuff right now, thought I’d slap up some of the links I’ve found particularly helpful.  These aren’t exactly friendly waters, and navigating them can get tricky.  Most are from the Mad Genius Club because I have friends there who have been so ridiculously helpful, and it turns out they can be because they’ve written all this stuff down for us beginners already 🙂

So you’re going to want to have a website.  If you’re on here, you probably already have WordPress, which is what I’m sticking to for now.  You’ll also want to be on Amazon.

You’ll want a mailing list.  I’m trying to work out mailchimp, it’s just taking me awhile because I don’t speak computer… like at all 🙂

But for the actual publishing part, you want to (obviously) have a well written, edited, beta read and rewritten story.  Presumably you have that.  Then you want to format it so it’ll work on an e-reader. and

You’re going to need a cover.  You can make your own, if you know something about covers or can learn it, or you can hire someone to do it.,,,

And you’re going to need a blurb (ad-copy, back of book).  I spent Sunday pounding these out with one of the Mad Geniuses (Dot) and dear gods above they’re hard 🙂,,

Once you have it done and loaded up to Amazon, you still have to figure out how to get people to go to it.  And you have to market the damn thing.,,

Okay, that’s pretty much the list I’ve been going off of for most of my info outside of talking to these guys.  Happy Writing 🙂

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