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WriterLife Wednesday – Step Two, The Mini-Synopsis Assignment

I posted Step One of Dr. Amie’s Plot Fixer Elixir – The Blurb and now, I’ve finally done my own assignment.  My drunken cat plot of a first book needs some serious work.  I’ve finally decided to switch it back to third person (I went third to first and that just didn’t quite work, so it’s going back), and that I need to cut even more stuff out because it doesn’t really tie into the main plot.  Basically, I need to get to the point and stay there.

So, I wrote my mini-synopsis, because the first step to getting myself to the point of the book is figuring out what that point is.  I tried writing the blurb, one sentence under 30 words, but couldn’t so I’m going to try to boil it down from this.  The blurb usually sets up what it’s about nicely.  Now, this is not a good nor polished synopsis.  This is in no way an example of what a synopsis should be if you’re sending it out with your story.  But it’s something to get me on track.  Let me know what you think.


Parata’s Shadows:

Parata’s a place of magic, learning and wonder; the witch pocket reality where witches repeat the week in their own little world so they can explore alternate realities and practice their craft without disrupting their “normal” lives.

Sandry, Cameron, Izzy, Eric and Michelle are the Order of the Sphinx, first years at Parata University, and don’t know much about controlling their new powers.  When a serial killer attacks in Salt Lake City and drains the victims of blood, the Parata authorities assume it’s a crazy human, not a real vampire; because no vampire would be so stupid as to call attention to themselves like that.  Sandry wants to investigate, but when her vampire not-boyfriend James tries to make her to back off, he may as well have given her an engraved invitation to stick her nose in.

Going after the killer leads the students into a magical underworld, full of vampires who are sick of being discriminated against, witches who believe their highly regulatory and powerful government needs to be more accountable to the people, and a Shadow Organization ready to take advantage of them all to gain what all creatures truly want in the end.


As the Shadows hatch a nefarious plot and the Parata authorities are focused solely on James and his vampire crusaders, the Sphinx have to take matters into their own inexperienced hands to stop the Shadows, drawing the Organization’s attention to them and forcing Sandry to make the ultimate decision about who can be trusted when the world is truly dark.

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