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Writers Wednesday – Can People Find Your Books?

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I’ve been trying to figure out how to market better lately because I’ve got a few shorts and a few novellas up and am closing in on the publication date of my first book (down to under 2 months, *freaks out*).

So I’ve been reading books on it, articles, ect… some of the stuff is basic, old fashioned, and just plain out there, so I’m taking it all with a grain of salt.

But one tip was smack you over the head obvious.  When people go to your website, can they find your books?


I had a page with a listing of my books, done and coming up, but it wasn’t well organized and people had to scroll all the way down to see them all.  Not ideal and not exactly standing out.

So last night I redid the website.  I have the book covers with links to their Amazon pages running along the sides of my homepage and my blog page.  And I gave 2 out of 4 series their own pages.

Now, will this make a difference?  Maybe not in the short run because people looking for me already know where my books are.  But in the long run, giving people who just like my blog and decide to check out my stuff because hey, it’s right there, it’ll probably help.  Either way, it can’t hurt.

My marketing person, and again, take this with a grain of salt because stats, says with every click, you lose 75%.  If people have to click to find something, you’ll get 25% of them.  If they have to click again and again, you’re down to 25% every time.  So the cover being right there, with some kind of blurb, and if people click on it, it takes them to the Amazon page for that book?  That cuts down the clicks to a whooping one.

If people want a little more info, they can go to that series page, and again, those books are showcased and have a direct link to the Amazon page if you click on them.

Is this the best design?  Probably not, but nothing is ever the best.  Remember, perfection is the enemy of good… or done… or something like that 😉

So, first thing?  Make sure people can find your books.  Actually the first thing is to write them, the second thing is to make them good, the third thing is to publish, and then you get to marketing, but you get the idea 🙂  First thing in marketing is make sure your stuff is easy to find.

Happy writing 🙂

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