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Writing 101 Assignment – Virtual Coffee Date


The Writing 101 Assignment is found here: and it challenged us to write out what we’d say if we were on a coffee date and what we’d want to update people about.  This is a great one for me because I have something pretty exciting coming up.

If we were having coffee right now I’d say I’m publishing!  I am publishing the first story in a series of shorts about Evie Jones, witch lawyer with a rebellious streak, a smart mouth and fireballs, at the beginning of October.  My schedule is a story a week through October (because the first stories coming out are about witches and really, what better time of year for them 🙂 and then a story every other week through March, culminating in the release of my first book in April.

The first one out will be Evie Jones and the Crazy ExesA zombie in the salt city would be hilarious… if it wasn’t after her!

  1. Witch Evie Jones would rather drown her sorrows than babysit the weekend her ex is getting married, but she promised her friend she’d help out.  The night goes from bad to worse when a zombie crashes the party and TV bingewatching turns to terror.  Now she’s in for the fight of both hers and her charge’s lives.

I’m really not sure what else I’d talk about.  I have a slight tendency to fixate and become obsessed.  That’s normal for writers, right? 🙂  Honestly, if I went on, it’d be about every other story I’m planning on putting out, everything I’ve done in preparation for publishing (which you can see in previous blog posts and if I went into it here we’d be here a while) so I’m just going to leave it with this.

One of my steps was setting up a mailing list.  Which was harder than pretty much everyone said it was.  So either I’m computer illiterate (which is probably it) or everyone’s lying/never actually done it themselves 🙂

Below is the link to my mailing list if you are interested in signing up.  I’m only going to use it to announce new story releases or other big, important dates.  I’m still trying to figure out how to get people to sign up, besides promising not to spam them (because nobody hates spam, ads and all that crap more than me) and only send them info they presumably want, so I’m offering a deal.  Anyone who signs up by Monday gets an emailed sneak peak of the first Evie Jones story two weeks before it’s published.

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