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Writing Courses on YouTube?

Yesterday I talked about possibly doing a writing course on here.  Like mini lectures and then give people assignments.  The idea has evolved a bit since then.  What if I did a video or podcast lecture series.

First thought, I’ll see what else is out there!

Second though, wow, not a lot.

So why?  Why when there are a ton of YouTube clips on everything from how to take a tick off your cat to how to build a Murphy bed, is there barely anything on how to write fiction?

Well, duh, Amie, because we’re writers.  We communicate through writing.  Why would you try to get to people through a medium they don’t use?

Because they may not use it themselves (meaning there’s room for it if it turns out it is wanted) but they do utilize it.  Everyone’s on YouTube!  Everyone looks up videos.  I could only find one class on writing, and it was a lecture series from a real classroom that was recorded.  It’s a cool one, Brandon Sanderson’s 🙂  But it’s from a classroom with the usual extra classroom stuff, it’s not a how to guide.

So here’s my idea: Little videos on the bare ass basics of writing (quite possibly the name for it 🙂  Pretty much aimed at the people who read and keep saying they’d like to write, but don’t know if they should even try or if they even have time, and don’t haunt the blogosphere like the rest of us.

So the lectures would be on YouTube, maybe have a audio only version on podcast, and then the notes/outline I use for it will go up on here.

I’m also playing with the idea of having guests on and having people call in to ask their questions about writing.

Exercise in futility?  Maybe.  But then again, why not try 😉

Any feedback?  You like, dislike, would watch, think it’s stupid because writers and wannabes will be looking on the blogosphere (sp?)  Let me know 🙂

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