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Writing Exercises for the Motivationally Challenged


Hey guys, today I’m doing something a bit different.  I’m doing the Blogging 101 class and the assignment today is to write a post inspired by another blogger’s.  I found this one pretty inspiring: Foxes and Fangs’ Post  So this post is all about making yourself write to get in the mood to write 🙂

1. Write down a sentence, first thing that pops into your head.  It could be dialogue, a description, a general idea for a plot or a character.  It could be word soup.  Write.  Go.  Now 🙂

2. Try plotting out something.  A scene, flash piece or short story.  Just write out in general terms what would happen.  Example for a scene: Argument in the bathroom between teens turns into a make out session, but get’s interrupted by girl’s dad and boy wants to run but the dad’s blocking the only escape route.

3. Come up with a “message,” you want to convey to your readers.  Do you want to say love conquers all, people will do what it takes to survive, before you seek revenge dig two graves?  Something you would feel good about conveying to your readers because that’s what you believe.  It’s going to come out in your writing subconsciously, trust me.

4. Come up with a new character.  Don’t focus too much on what they look like.  Say what they do for a living, what their dreams are, what they’d fight for, what they claim is important but turns out isn’t, ect…

5. Write another sentence, just whatever comes to mind.

6. We’re going to play a little madlibs: take those four and combine them.  1 is your first sentence and 5 is your last.  The plot is what you’re going to write out into a full scene or story, staring the MC you made up, and the point will be the message you chose.

Now, you’ve got this all planned out.  Do you feel motivated yet? 🙂  Good, write it.

Happy Writing 🙂

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