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2 Year Author Anniversary!

evie jones

Two years ago today, I hit publish on my first short story, Evie Jones and the Crazy Exes. In honor of this day, I have that very first one up for free!

In two years, I have published 12 shorts/novellas and 4 books: 6 Evie Jones shorts/novellas; a short and a novella in my Sphinx Reality Jumpers series; a short, a novella, and a book in the Laws of Magic Series; and a short, a novella, and 3 books in Ariana’s SDF series.

It has been quite a journey the past two years, and I’m still just getting started. The 4th SDF is in the works for Halloween, and the 2nd Laws of Magic won’t be far behind.

I have done so much these past two years, far more than I thought possible, and I owe it all to you guys.

To every one of my readers, thank you.

You keep me going when I’m tired, when I’m burned out, when life isn’t going my way, and when it breaks my heart.

I write to entertain, to teach, to ignite imaginations, to lift your spirits when you’re down, to impart hope, to show you there is always a way, and hopefully to help you and me learn about ourselves.

And on that note, to go back to where it all started, Evie Jones and The Crazy Exes is up for free for two days:

And she thought her ex was evil…

Witch Evie Jones would rather drown her sorrows than babysit the weekend her ex is getting married, but she promised her friend she’d help. The night goes from bad to worse when a zombie crashes the party and TV bingewatching turns to terror. Now she’s in for the fight of both hers and her charge’s lives.

Happy reading!

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