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New Kitten!

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you’ve probably seen I have a new kitten… kind of hard to miss because I have posted So. Many. Photos! 🙂

blind cat

I’d been talking about getting a new cat for almost a year, since I got back to Nashville. After Gremlin died, it broke me, and my therapist actually ordered me to get a new cat. Figure out the allergies, just deal with them like I did with Gremlin until the allergy shots work enough again, because the depression was crushing me.

Meds helped (a lot, don’t get me wrong) but I needed someone to snuggle, to come home to, and to love. From what I can tell, my therapist was right. I’ve had him less than 2 weeks and he’s captured my heart and given me more of a sense of home. And if I ever get as bad as I was last summer again, I have a damn good reason to not let myself sink so far that I feel like I don’t have a reason to live, because at the very least I have someone who needs me and I should live for, besides myself.

I’ve also made this suggestion to others I have seen struggling with depression because my therapist was dead on in her advice.


And, just like with guys, when it comes to cats, I obviously have a type. 🙂 He’s a black, fluffy part Maine Coon who’s about 5 1/2 months old, and has partial blindness from an infection when he was a baby on the streets. (Him and 2 litter-mates were the only ones who lived from what the adoption/rescue agency told me.)

Introducing Merlin Grim Gibbons!

And since I’m trying to get back on track with my writing career now that I have a good place to live, have adjusted to my job, and have a cat again, I’m working on the marketing aspect, and opened an Amazon affiliates account.

And I have a new novella out!

psychic overboard 2

It’s anything but a pleasure cruise.

Ariana Ryder’s barely had her powers for three months when she takes a cruise with some girlfriends, and one serious frienemy, for their last college Christmas break.

But when she gets a vision of zombies descending on the ship, a bitchy girl becomes the least of her problems.

Now, all she’s got is one brave bartender, a stowaway flying carpet, and her wits to fight the zombies and save hundreds of innocents trapped onboard.

And if you haven’t checked out the rest in the series, I got Amazon Affiliates links for those too 🙂

And the 2 other novellas in Ariana’s universe: We Investigate Zebras and Psychic Seeks.

flop 2
lap 2
tree top
tree toy
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