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This isn’t exaggeration. It isn’t demonizing the “other side.” This was real life for millions in the USSR. My bf had his tonsils out without  anesthesia, he was picked on for being a Jew, and he learned to run fucking fast to avoid worse. This isn’t fiction. This is history, and if you don’t realize how it got there and you think communism just hasn’t been done the right way, you’re domed to repeat that history.


By Nicki Kenyon

When I was a kid, my dream was to be an astronaut and be the first woman on the moon. It didn’t matter to me that I was a Jew in the Soviet Union, and Jews in the Soviet Union just didn’t achieve such heights. I didn’t care that my birth certificate duly noted my Jewishness, and every potential employer would see that both my parents were Jews, thereby limiting my career options. I wanted to go to the moon.

Inspired by one of the books I’d read by Soviet children’s author Nikolay Nosov entitled “Neznayka na Lune” or “KnowNothing on the Moon,” I had decided that this was an adventure I wanted for myself! After all, the novel explored friendship, devotion to one’s mates, the benefits of living together in harmony in communes, and sharing everything you have with your closest comrades…

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