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Call for Readers for Urban Fantasy Shorts

This is a call for Beta Readers.  By that I mean people who read and enjoy urban fantasy and they don’t have to be writers or proof readers.  I’m looking for someone who wants to read the story and tell me if they like it or not and any notes they have on it.  I have 4 Evie Jones stories, 2 Millie Lehman stories in my Gods reality, and 2 stories in my Sphinx reality, all ranging from 5K to 15K words.  These have been edited, proof read by other writers, some have been beta read already and re-edited, and I could use a few new betas.

If you have liked my excerpts on here and would like to see the full story, shoot me an email.  amiegibbons15(at sign)gmail(dot)com.  (I’ve seen other websites break the email up like this and spell stuff out because it supposedly discourages spamming… I hope 🙂

I do Urban Fantasy so I’m looking for people familiar with the genre and who enjoy it.  I certainly don’t want anyone to feel like this is a chore.  If you enjoy the genre and my writing and want more, then I want you. 😉  Below is the list of shorts I have ready to go, with an excerpt for you to get an idea of the story.

1. Evie Jones and the Crazy Exes: (~5K) Evie is babysitting for her friend, who’s attending the wedding of Evie’s ex.  Unluckily, or luckily, a past grudge sends something to liven up Evie’s night.  Hey, she did say she could use a good fight. Excerpt.

2. Evie Jones and the Good Luck Fundraiser: (~6K) Evie comes up with the brilliant idea of using the Cat Luck Scramble on Friday the 13th to gather some luck for her friend who’s taking the bar for a second time.  Great plan… at least until another witch threatens to tell the Council about the whole thing. Excerpt

3. Evie Jones and the Magic Meltdown: (~7K) Evie’s bad month is about to get worse when a water demon sets its sights on her and her friends during a road trip through a rain storm, but who’d want to sick a demon on her? Excerpt 1Excerpt 2

4. Evie Jones and the Spirit Stalker: (~15K) Humans aren’t supposed to know about magic, so when a student comes to Evie for help with a ghost, she’s scared the Council will find out, but she can’t say no.  When the spirit strikes, Evie has to pull humans in to help her solve the mystery, and hopes to the goddess they can be trusted, especially when she starts to fall for one. Excerpt.

5. Patentability Pending (~5K): Magic’s back in the world and despite her efforts and wishing, Millie doesn’t seem to have any. But when her ex pops up, so does her magic, and she finds the strength to face her fears, on the streets and in the office. Excerpt.

6. The Treetops Experimentation (~6K): Millie’s date at a ropes course is going great, until the guy and everyone besides her is taken over by a mysterious force that makes them swarm and gather like ants.  Millie must embrace her past pain to keep her mind in tact and not get taken over like the others. Excerpt.

7. One in Infinity (~14K): Rose is planning to party the last weekend before she starts her residency, but when she’s cornered by a man who thinks she has some map he wants and gets dragged into a battle between two powerful forces, her weekend takes a drastic turn. Excerpt 

8. The Order of the Sphinx (~10K): When witches’ magic wakes up and they find their Orders, they get transported together for the final stage of the bonding.  Unfortunately for Sandry and her new friends, someone beats the witches’ government to greeting the newbies, and he’s got his eye on Sandry. Excerpt.

Also, if anyone want to comment on my blurbs and how they could be fixed, much appreciated 🙂  I just pulled them out of thin air and I’m sure they need work 🙂

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