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Camp Nano Starts Today! – Plot: The Hero’s Journey

Camp Nano starts today and thousands of us are rearing up to write, write, write!


My word goal is 65K (Yes, I know i’m crazy, but you should see the goals of some people in my cabin.  We’ve got one shooting for 500K.  That’s over 10K words a day.  Now that’s crazy).  I’m writing Patent Magic, an urban fantasy about lawyers working to get the first magical invention patented when a Senator steps in and introduces a bill to make magically based inventions categorically unpatentable, forcing the group to hire a lobbyist, who just happens to be the main character’s ex.

A friend showed me a video on the hero’s journey. A pattern that has emerged again and again in stories.  That doesn’t mean it has been done and you need to do something else, it means this is a reflection of human nature and how things happen in life to push you on, so that’s reflected in the stories we love.

What’s your word goal and what’s your story?  Does it fit the Hero’s Journey?  Even if you’re not doing CampNano, I want to hear from you.

Happy Writing and good luck!

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