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Dr. Amie’s Character Fixer Elixer

I’m re-blogging this now because I accidentally put it up last night instead of scheduling it for today. 🙂

Last week I talked about the plot fixer, now we’re tackling the weak character.  I don’t mean someone who is weak themselves, I mean flat.  A character that is flat or two dimensional is one that doesn’t have enough facets to convey the many parts of their personality, or one that’s just a walking stereotype.

Now, you can’t flesh out every character walking “on stage.”  But your main and secondary characters (including the bad guy!) should definitely be.  So for those characters, especially when you can’t tell one character from the others, try these questions to get to know your character better.

1. What’s character’s name, basic looks, profession, age, height, weight, body type, personal style?

2. Take the Myers Briggs Test as your character (I’ll say MC after this, but do this all for secondary characters too).

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