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Evie Jones and the Shadow of Chaos is Live

evie jones and the shadow of chaos final with blend

She’s the witch to go to when chaos comes to town…

When a crazy man opens fire at her hospital, Evie Jones jumps to the chance to save the day, and her ex visiting has nothing to do with her desire to play hero, of course. After taking the mad man down, Evie sees the impossible, a shadow thing leaving the man, and brushes it off as seeing things.

Until the impossible follows her home.

When the shadow traps them in the house, Evie has to work with her crush, her friend and her ex to figure out what the shadow is before it stops messing with them and starts killing.

And that’s before the one thing that could possibly make their night worse shows up.

Evie Jones and the Shadow of Chaos is new on Amazon!  Check out the excerpt.

The boys fell in around me, Chet in front and Kieren in back. I didn’t fail to notice they put me in the middle but I didn’t have time to complain.

I focused, pulling my magic up, sensing the world, trusting the guys to keep an eye out. Oy vey, I’m trusting Kieren to watch my back… literally.

The hospital hummed, electronics in every room setting the world on edge and making my teeth hurt. This was easier to do outside when all I had to sense was nature and what was wrong in it. With the electronics and chrome and glass around me, it got a lot harder to feel out any specific person or thing. I sent my mind out, “sniffing” for lack of a better term, for a person with ill intent, malicious aforethought, mind on murder.


“Oy vey,” I said under my breath.

“What?” Kieren asked.

I shook my head. “I’d explain if I could.”

We kept creeping and I zoned out, focusing on the world again.

Okay, if there’s not someone trying to actively commit evil, what about mental illness?

I sent my brain skipping through the hospital, searching for telltale signs of a brain slightly off from the rest of the world. This was easier. Emotions didn’t always give off the sense of wrongness, because emotions were part of all humans, even blinding rage or grief. But someone with a brain left of sane? That one would stand out against the crowd.

Red throbbing hit my senses upstairs. I couldn’t tell what floor but it was definitely this wing.

“Upstairs,” I said.

“How do you know?” Kieren asked.

I didn’t look at him. “I think he might be going for the ICU. That’s upstairs. On third.”


Chet looked back at me, raising his eyebrows. I nodded, slight and slow. If Kieren noticed, he didn’t say anything.

We snuck up the stairs at the end of the hall, all of us so on edge that it began to seep into my consciousness and block out the sense of wrongness the shooter gave off.

I held up a hand and got in front of Chet when we hit the third floor.

He opened his mouth and I wiggled my fingers, hoping he’d get it.

He shook his head. I met his eyes and wiggled my fingers again.

“Whatever it is, just say it,” Kieren hissed. “I don’t know what you’re trying to keep from me, but this isn’t the time.”

“It’s always the time. Stay behind me, I’m going first.”

“No,” Kieren and Chet said together and I pushed open the door, shield up and pushed in front of us like half a bubble. Imperceptible to the human eye but hopefully strong enough to stop a bullet.

Bullets rained down the hallway and smacked into my shield with meaty thwaps, cluttering to the ground a second later.

I screamed and Kieren grabbed my arms, pulling me down and behind a nurse’s cart. Yeah, like that was bullet proof.

His eyes widened and he looked from the bullets on the ground to me. His mouth worked and I smiled. “Surprise.”

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