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Excerpt from Evie Jones and the Shadow of Chaos

evie shadow v2

Little taste from my latest Evie Jones because I’m editing the 6th one today and am looking to the 5th for the flavor of the series.

In the battle between order and chaos, she’s here to take them both down…

Evie Jones’s weekend isn’t starting off great. The Council’s in town for an inspection, every witch is keeping their head down to avoid the scrutiny and her ex pops in for a surprise visit. She’s almost glad for a distraction in the form of a crazed gunman to take down.

But when a shadow leaving the gunman follows her home, what was a distraction turns into a deadly game of catch the shadow as he messes with their minds. Now, Evie has to work with her crush, her friend and her ex to figure out what it is before it stops playing with them and starts killing.

And that’s before the one thing that could possibly make their night worse shows up.


“Bunny!” Daphnie screamed, clapping her hands.

The bunny jumped, bouncing off the line I’d drawn. At least the line was doing something.

Fog grew from the floor, swirling up and out like a smoke machine. It swelled and took the air up to my knees in five seconds. I jumped onto the bed, George close behind. He scooped up Daphnie as Faye disappeared under the cloud, still making the candle circle despite the interruptions.

Daphnie giggled and clapped again as the fog swirled around my ankles and I met Kieren’s eyes over the wave. His big eyes were positively anime-esque with fear and his mouth worked as the grey grew over it.

“Faye, get that circle up, now!” My voice hitched up at least two octaves and I sucked in air like an asthmatic.

I turned, looking for Chet. He was long buried. The wave grew over my head and I took a deep breath, holding it against the intrusion just in case. The world was dark and my heart ached with an echo of the day Kieren broke up with me, like I was flashing back or watching a movie without actually seeing the scene.

What the hell?

The world blinked back on like someone turning on a TV and I looked around for people. Faye’s candles were up and on. She looked over her shoulder at us and sighed, hand flying to chest when she saw her baby and husband were fine.

“So the candles got rid of the fog?” I asked.

“Yeah,” Faye said, “Turned off the second I said the spell to light them.”

The guys looked around too, all three of them looking confused but fine.


Two Kierens stood in the room, Chet off to the side, mouth hanging open.

The Kierens turned and saw each other at the same time, jerking in the same way. They looked at each other then at me, almost in unison.

“Evie?” both asked.

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