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Excerpt From One In Infinity, Story I Just Sent Into Tor Magazine


Here’s an excerpt of my short story One In Infinity.  I just sent it into a magazine.  Fingers crossed 🙂  In it, Rose is telling the story of what happened the day before when she was hanging with her friend at a romance writers convention and got pulled into a battle between two powerful creatures.  Hope you like 🙂


“Oh!” I squeaked as I nearly mowed a man down leaving the bathroom. The door swung closed behind me and I swore that guy wasn’t there when I opened it three seconds ago. He was a head taller than me, had a golden wavy mane dancing around his shoulders, strong features, and true green eyes.

He looked like a Viking.

A really hot one.

“Um,” I said again. “Sorry… I didn’t see you, as strange as that seems. You’re not exactly easy to miss.”

Okay, so I do babble, but usually only when there’s alcohol involved.

I blushed. “Are you a model on one of the authors’ covers or something?”

“Excuse me?” he asked in a deep voice tinted with some strange accent. Maybe he really was a Viking, or at least from Scandinavia.

“The conference?” I pointed vaguely down the hall. “For romance writers.”

“Ah. No.” He held up a hand, twitching and whirling his fingers, eyes locked on mine.

My heart rate doubled. “What are you…?”

He closed his fist so fast I swore I heard the fingers pop and gave me a cold smile.

The moisture in my mouth fled and I was really happy I’d just gone to the bathroom as adrenaline zapped my body and my stomach dropped.

I licked my lips, tasting my strawberry chapstick, and took a step back. “I should get back in there. My friend will be wondering what happened to me.”

There, I let him know someone would miss me. You were supposed to do that when you worried a guy was about to take off with you, right?

I took another step back, legs shaking so bad I thought they’d vibrate off, and hit the door. “I’m… ugh…”

“You.” He took a step towards me and I swallowed my words. “Obviously know what I am.”


“And why I’m here,” he continued, so close I could reach out and grab a fistful of his tight black T-shirt if I wanted to. Which I didn’t. I wanted him to disappear. Or for me to. “Just tell me where it is and you won’t be hurt.”

What the hell was he talking about?

The confusion must’ve shown in my eyes because his lost a bit of their confidence. “Don’t try to play dumb.”

“Who’s playing?” I hated how high my voice went.

“Aaron,” a clipped voice said.

“Ah!” I screamed as the Viking’s (Aaron’s, I guess) hand flashed forward and clamped around my neck. I was pulled off the door, whirled around, and pressed into his built chest before I could make another sound, suddenly facing the owner of the upper crust, proper voice.

He was maybe as tall as me in my heels, much slimmer in the shoulders than the built Aaron, had pale skin, wavy dark brown hair, and bright blue eyes, and was wearing an impeccable charcoal Armani suit.

And he scared me as much as the Viking holding my neck in a vice grip.

“Doctor Morganson, I presume?” Aaron asked, mocking coloring his tone. “I’ve heard so much about you.”

“And I you,” the doctor said in a cold voice I could now tell was British.

“Oh, she was able to speak after I was done with her? Tut tut. I’m losing my touch.”

Morganson’s hands clenched and his face turned to pure marble as his eyes met mine.

It was like someone stuffed my intestines with ice cubes as those cold-as-death eyes pierced through me. I would’ve gulped if I had any saliva in my mouth.

“Has she told you the location of the map?”

Map? It took me a moment to realize he was talking to Aaron even though he was still looking at me.

“She was just about to,” Aaron said, giving my neck a small squeeze. I bit down a squeak. “Now, tell us where it is like a good little girl, and then I can beat the good doctor a second time.”

“You do realize every pain you inflicted on her will be returned to you threefold?” Morganson said.

Who was her? Because I knew they weren’t talking about me.

Aaron chuckled and the sound was like fire searing my spine. “Come on, girl.” He gave me a shake. “Tell us where it is. Unless you’d like to help me with a little dramatization for the doctor? He can watch while I torture you for the information, since your part will be…”


Pressure I didn’t even realize was building on my eardrums released.

“What?” I gasped as an unseen force ripped me from Aaron’s grasp. The walls blurred as I flew the five feet to the doctor. And no, that’s not a metaphor. I literally flew. As in, toes inches off the ground, breezing through the air.

Morganson grabbed my hand and my shoes met carpet again. “Come along.” He yanked my hand and we were running before I finished the second step I used to catch my footing again.

“What?” I said, legs pumping to keep up. I glanced behind me; Aaron was shoving off the ground. “What just hap-”

“Run!”  He squeezed my hand tighter as he picked up the pace.

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