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Going Low Sugar

I’ve been having some health issues lately and one of the recommdations from Dr Internet is to cut down on sugar. So I’m giving it a go.

Here’s the thing, doctors will tell you to cut down on added sugar, and eat a lot more veggies and fruit. Dr Internet goes everywhere from that to cut out fruit and veggies cuz they are carbs.

Which is insane. Now, maybe you do that to lose weight, I don’t know, but when we are talking health, you want to maximize your fiber, proteins, vitamins and minerals. It’s not about cutting calories, it’s about cutting out the empty ones.

Note, I said low sugar, not no sugar.  Health websites that don’t seem to be diet hacks usually say 25 grams of added sugar to 50 a day for women is within healthy, so I’m aiming to keep it under 25. That means no soda and very little of the usual breads in stores. And maybe a treat here or there. We’ll see how it goes.

Til then, eat your veggies and enjoy. Remember, the more colorful the salad, the healthier it is. Unless it’s colored by gummy things. 🙂

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